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It has been a magnificent summer for Breakaway, and here’s why.

Christian Church. Pawnee IL: For this small church and community, they were hit with 112 Derecho winds and power outages for several days. While crops were devastated, CP Becky regrouped the following week. Volunteers were faithful to resume, and a new family was added to their church as a result of Breakaway. Now after Breakaway, growth was inevitable and kids ministry has moved to a larger room.

Life Church, Potosi MO: CP Crystal Borden and I reconnected with this small church. Providing funding from our 501c3, we expected huge rewards. With an army of only 18 teens and adults, nearly 600 children and youth attended this Breakaway VBS. During the week 17 youth accepted Jesus into their lives. Despite the town center being closed, all these families moved to the Life Church. God had greater desires for this Breakaway. What a reward!

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, Rosebud, South Dakota: Long time friend Kim O’Daniel returned to this Indian reservation to launch another styled Breakaway VBS for 80 native children and 23 volunteers. For resources he needed several cases of Bibles, and we provided that through our Summer Camp Ministry Inc. Breakaway was held in a rural church some 12 miles from town as children were bused in from Rosebud. Kim prayed over 18 middle schoolers who each received a Bible as they dove in daily to explore their lessons; the eagerness of students was amazing as they learned of God’s Word. As Kim states ‘they were eager beyond my dreams’, a number of these students are believed to have invited Jesus into their hearts. The remaining Bibles were given to High School students; Breakaway students were so excited to have their very own bibles. The last day of Breakaway a community dinner was held with Christian speakers, and prayer vigil. The team performed a community service by cleaning and renovating a local playground. Three Sioux Falls churches will now provide monthly mentoring and Bible studies to help these youth to grow in Christ.

Bayside Church, Ely NV: Breakaway director Jami and I connected with the help of Pastor Brian Hopkins. We provided t-shirts and curriculum, and prayers. 28 children, 8 teens, and 7 leaders were part of the 4 day event. Two children invited Jesus into their lives. Jami Brinkerhoff says their event was a huge success. We agree!

First Covenant Church, Bethel, AK: Pastor Adam London and I were bunkmates at Covenant Bible Camp on the North River. Now years later we reconnected by providing curriculum and Breakaway t-shirts designed in Tennessee. Breakaway launched August 1st but Pastor Adam came down with Covid; but 50 kids and 12 volunteers from this Bethel AK church made Breakaway a huge success in western Alaska, with two youth accepting Jesus into their lives.

God blessed our efforts in our 2023 Breakaways in a huge way, involving 802 kids and adults in our summer camp ministry. We couldn’t be more amazed for what happened this summer.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me  John 14:6.

Roger Lubiens, Summer Camp Leader

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