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It has been a great summer camp ministry adventure in 2018 with unspeakable joy, new relationships, and the Holy Spirit accomplishing so much in our lives of youth and our Breakaway of the North volunteers.

Shaktoolik, AK: In June our team of Roger Lubiens, Addie Colby, Mikayla Bauer, and Jeanne Bryers launched Breakaway of the North (VBS) for the eighth season on the Bering Sea. Bringing the Gospel while sharing hope and miracles of Jesus with hundreds of Eskimo children and families. Fourth of July included games and rides on the Iditarod, raft races, and marathon races that Addie and Mikayla competed. Bonfires, swimming, and exploring the Iditarod on 4 wheelers were part of the activities that led 10 youth to invite Christ into their lives. Following was a baptism for three youth in the Shaktoolik River. Kudos to these Bayside HS students who exceled in bringing the Gospel to western Alaska. 

Mountain Village, AK:  Our first Breakaway of the North for this village as Jake Lugo, Emma Harlow, Jacob Ckark, and Aileen Makovey where they ministered to more than 60 Eskimo children. Twelve students invited Christ into their lives. Our team assisted Samaritan Purse as a new church building is being erected. Thank you to Pastor Murchison and Elise for such warm hospitality and leadership.

Covenant Bible Camp, AK:  We were able to fund a scholarship program for this camp that allowed additional Eskimo youth to attend. 320 Eskimo children and youth attended this camp from more than 30 Eskimo villages, where 41 children accepted Christ into their lives.

Liberty Church, Potosi MO: A small church needed assistance in their Breakaway VBS. We were able to fund their program in early May to assist with purchasing arts/crafts. Awaiting the results as VBS is this week.

Men’s Roundup: Nestled in the Black Hills near Mt. Rushmore, we ministered to a group of 15 youth and 70 men sharing the Gospel of Christ. Great weekend with youth involving Bible lessons, rock climbing, and trout fishing. Our ministry is part of 1500 youth and adults who attend this camp annually.

First Baptist. Huron SD. Provided Bibles for the recently launched 2nd youth Bible study group, as these Bibles were left over from our summer camp ministry.

Gadsen AL: Provided breakaway curriculum written by Gospel Light for a new and upcoming VBS. More news coming.



To my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I say…however, whenever, wherever. For He knows the plans and we merely follow at His inspiration (Jeremiah 29:11)

Roger Lubiens, Summer Camp Leader

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