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10/6/16                              Summer Highlights


It has been a great summer camp ministry adventure in 2016 though shortened due to health problems.

We dreamed big of what God would do with our lives and ministry in distant locations.

Shaktoolik, AK: In September we sent the youth in this village a box of home grown apples to say we miss you and as an act of friendship. Teacher and advocate Lynda Bekoalak hopes and prays we can send a VBS team during the summer of 2017.

White Mountain, AK:  This village receives a monthly Bible devotion via Facebook to youth we remember from our 2016 Breakaway of the North.  We also delivered a box of farm apples to this village’ school in September.

First Baptist Church Huron, SD: A small Baptist church where Pastor Williams relocated. We delivered planning materials for VBS as they discover their new ministry. Attended Pastor Williams installation services in July. We hope to launch a 2017 Breakaway event that involves children from this church and its community.

Avera Children’s Hospital: We received a delightful thank you letter for the dozens of blankets our 4th-5th grade students made in Thrive 45 at Bayside Folsom Church. These blankets comfort children who are victims of burn accidents who are recovering in this Sioux Falls SD hospital.

Men’s Roundup: Nestled in the Black Hills near Mt. Rushmore, we ministered to 13 youth at Camp Judson. Ninety men and youth came to learn and be enriched at the Roundup that uses cattle ranching to finance this summer camp for 450 children who came in 2016; Two Warrior Camps included approximately 70 Pine Ridge Indian youth that continues from our 2014 launch. We started the youth ministry in late August with a Friday night bowling challenge and the first of several Bible lessons on Faith, Honesty, and Contentment. We challenged the youth at Men’s Roundup with Bible memorization, day hikes and rock climbing, trout fishing, and early morning Bible devotions around the flagpole. Three of our youth placed their faith in Christ during this weekend camp.  We concluded our weekend with fishing gear as prizes, a communion service atop a mountain ledge overlooking the camp lake, and a steak cookout for all. The camp received a bushel of apples from our farm’s Sweet Sixteen apple tree.

To my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I say…however, whenever, wherever. For He knows the plans and we merely follow at His inspiration (Jeremiah 29:11)

Roger Lubiens, Summer Camp Leader

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