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Breakaway of the North Adventure

Leading our team to extreme Alaska

Experiencing Summer Bible Camp

 God has led us to minister to hundreds of children from Alabama, Missourim South Dakota to western Alaska. Here are some of the locations where Christ has impacted children’s lives through the power of His Holy Spirit:


  • Covenant Bible Camp AK- assisted in sponsoring 105 Eskimo youth to attend this wilderness bible camp on the North River. 315 students this camp to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Shatooklik Covenant Church AK- led a Gospel themed VBS in afternoons and evenings for 62 Eskimo children. 10 youth invited Christ into their lives, and 3 youth were baptized in the Shaktoolik River.
  • Mt Village Covenant Church AK- led a Gospel themed VBS for 60 children with numerous Bible stories focusing on faith, courage, and serving as a disciple of Christ. 
  • Camp Judson Roundup, SD. Led youth Bible classes, hiking, rock climbing, and Bible games at this father/son weekend retreat near Mt Rushmore. Holy Cow Project has now raised $800,000 for this camp. This camp ministers to 450 youth throughout the summer months.
  • Liberty Church, Petosi Missouri. Assisted children pastor where 91 area children came to hear the Gospel. Fun week of carnival atmosphere, bounce houses, fun crafts and engaged families for "Breakaway". 49 children invited Christ into their lives.


Exploring the Bible in small groups